Organic Modernism Activity - Stem


But people say it looks like a stem! :D

Thank you people! :)

THEDES2 - 9ISMS - Deconstruction [curve lines]

It’s function is a tunnel.

I deconstructed the curve lines by splitting the lines.

THEDES2 - 9ISMS - Organic [curve lines|whirlpool]

Function: Hotel and resort building by the beach.

THEDES2 - Deconstructivism of life story.

CONCEPT: Mirrors


Dark | Light

Scared | Calm

For once, I’m a bit satisfied with my work. :) (But i think my prof isn’t.) Well, at least I’m learning. I’m proud of myself because people tell me that I’m improving. I hope this goes out well. :) Thank God. Thanks friends, family and everybody. :)

My Story - A THEDES2 Humiliation. (soft copy)

Life Story: Graduation Movie Marathon

High school life is a part of one individual where one experiences the so called “teenage life”. Everything starts as one slowly becomes mature: from the childish experiences to slowly understanding of ones puberty stage. In high school, one finds out who they want to be, who they really are and whom they want to be with. In high school, the achievement I got was to know what I want, to know myself and most importantly I found out who my true friends are.

The hardest part of being a high school student is graduating. In our high school graduation, everything must be perfectly practiced because we are carrying our Alma matter’s name and we are showcasing how we were trained in our school to our parents.

My parents are usually strict on me when it comes to going out with my friends. They barely allow me to go out with my friends, well if I’m going out with them; they usually ask me to go home by 5pm even if we met up at 2pm or even later. Our graduation practices lasts for more than a week, and everyday, all we do is: go to school later than the call time, sit and talk, talk while waiting for our names to be called, and march on the stage and go back to our seats to talk again.

One time, we were so bored and my friends asked me to go watch a movie with them. They said that the trailer was great! They even made gestures of how the trailer was. They told me in three days before we will watch it so I have the time to convince my parents to allow me to watch with them. I even asked them if I can go out each day after our practice. They don’t allow me because they don’t trust me. Well, I know why they are strict because they care, but why can’t they trust me? I know my limitations, I know what’s right from wrong because they are the ones who taught me to see things the way they want me. They even became suspicious of me, but then I begged and they allowed me. Oh YEAH!

The night before our first planned “movie gimmick” my friend, called me and said that she can’t come. I called our other friends to tell them the sad news. That friend of mine was known to be one of the ditchers in our group. She was always uncertain of her decisions. Like she is the one who planned about the movie thing then she’s the one who can’t come, she’s always like that, sheesh! All night we argued about it and I felt so disappointed, upset and sully because she is always changing her decisions on the spot.

I was so excited to get up and see my friends because my parents rarely allow me to go out! It’s like I got out of a cage or something. I saw my friends together with our friend who told us she can’t come, we tried to persuade her but she told us it’s up to her mother. We tried to convince her mother but she said that they made plans already and our friend can’t really come. We were luckily dismissed early, and waved goodbye to our other friend because her mother was there early to pick her up. We ran to the mall because it was close to the area where we were practicing.

We ate first and talked about stuff. We called our other friend because we tried to make her jealous and yes! Mission accomplished. Few minutes later she called and asked where we are, she said that said that she’s on our way to where we were. We were so happy and we jumped in the middle of the movie house lobby, we also screamed and unfortunately our voices were heard all over the lobby because in the center part I think was a hidden microphone. We were all so shy. We watched the movie called mirrors, they made me watch the trailer first and I didn’t think it was scary at all because it didn’t include scary sounds, gore scenes and it looked plain. The movie poster also wasn’t that scary at all so I even insisted to go in first. As we were watching, I’m started to have a weird feeling, a feeling that made me want to run out of the movie house, and never come back in. the scenes were starting to get disgusting and I told my guy friend that I can’t stand it. He just laughed at me and said that for me not to be scared, I should try to imagine that the movie casts are all naked. I tried, I really tried, but it didn’t work at all! I got more scared because I tried to look at them more! I couldn’t stand it so I tried to ask my other friend to go with me because she was scared also, but I was more scared. She told me that the movie was scary so it means it’s nice for her! So I had no more chance, but to go out on my own, we were far from the exits and the movie house was so dark because most of the scenes of the movie were caught on dark areas. A lot of people were also watching. I tried yelling “stop it please!” they just laughed at me again. So I tried to crawl in between the chairs of the movie house while carrying the popcorn I bought using my mouth. Many people saw me, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to go out! When I got on the exits of the movie house the guard asked me what am I doing on the floor, maybe he thought I slipped or something, I just told him, “kuya ayoko na po manood please!” then he laughed also and there, I was able to struggle my way out! Lucky me!

Deconstructivism - Banana, what’s my name?



This is the side view of my base. It’s not that high to hold balance and for it to be more durable.


I placed the top part of the sliced banana on top. And it won’t stand. I want it to stand! but darn!


After few minutes of thinking. I came up with an idea to make the top and bottom parts of the banana to meet each other. And luckily, I was also able to make the top portion stand on it’s own.


I still wanted to see the peels on my finished product. Here, i just wanted to show the 2 edges of the banana fruit where we can peel it,


and here it is. :)

Theories and Manifestos - A Critique.

 “Everything happens for a reason”, that’s my life philosophy. I believe that one thing happens because destiny has a motive behind it. In everything that happens in our lives, we never fail to ask “why?” and to that question is an answer that only we can answer. It’s like a mystery that one will find out when one truly puts effort and patience just to achieve the true meaning and reason behind it. In application to my design philosophy I find that in designing, everything has a function. Even the Eiffel tower for me has a function, and it is to represent Paris. Function applies to everything.

Architecture in the 20th should be modern to show how technology advances. As architecture becomes modernized the materials that are used in this century are also evolving.

In class, we were tasked to read and create a critic about the theories and manifestos of some architects. I learned much from their beliefs and got to know more about the –isms in architecture. Although it made my head ache, my stomach growl and my nose bled in the first time I read it, I still got the chance to understand some messages of these architects’ manifestos to their readers. I picked out some where I truly got interest, knowledge and the manifestos I got to understand better.

New York Five’s Peter Eisenman is titled a post functionalist. He said that in the 19th century, there was a crucial shift in Western consciousness – humanism to modernism. According to him, modernism is based on the fundamental movement of man and it cannot be related to functionalism.  Post functionalism recognizes modernism as a new response in architecture.

In Bernard Tschumi’s manifesto, who taught in Architectural Association said that there is an architecture of pleasure. To him architectural of pleasure is the concept and experience of space. Utility and purpose is not necessary to give that pleasure but architecture can only act as our instrument to express our feelings in our designs. As he said “Architecture cannot satisfy one’s wildest dreams, but it may exceed the limits of it.”

According to Coop Himmelblau, “the city of the present will characterize the city of the future.”  Architecture today must be a tool to expand the life it. Our city today will be converted into amazing structures in the future. He reminded us that despite all the modernization happening in our world and in architecture, we must never forget to consider the aesthetics etc.

Manhattanism was made by Rem Koolhas. Manhattanism for him is” a world totally made by man, ie to live in fantasy”. He made a manifesto about Manhattan where his life slowly reached its goals, and for him it is a place where experimentation of urban lifestyle occurred. In there, he wrote about how to create a manifesto. He said that manifestos weaknesses is lacking of evidences.

Last February 15, 2011, one of my classmates made a report about Daniel Libeskind. His name is not new to me anymore because I think our professor is a fan of him. During my first term in architecture until now, in different subjects, his name was never missed to be mentioned by the professors. So now, I also think he’s a great architect even though I only knew one of his works which was the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany. He is a student of music. He does sketches rather than physical models.  For him, “drawing is merely an invention.”  It is like acting out one’s creativity in mind with organized thoughts of one’s imagination. It resembles like a clarification in reading a text. Like when you see a sketch or drawing, many things will come to one’s mind and slowly it will organize in one’s views explicitly. According to Daniel Libeskind, geometric structures and formalizations divide the movement of one’s imaginations. And for him the deeper level of consciousness is an important consideration when designing something.

Another manifesto of Coop Himmelblau called Architecture Must Blaze, showed how much of a modernist Himmelblau is. He doesn’t like the 70’s “super tense” architecture. He even mentioned that he doesn’t want to build “Biedemeier designs” and he’s also tired of seeing “falladio facades”. (I tried to search for both but I only found the Biedemeier designs which was furniture that look like the super old century’s design)He really wants architecture to evolve, to go with the modern flow yet it must not eliminate everything from the past.

Zaha Hadid, a unit of master form, talked about “Randomness and Arbitrariness”.  Randomness for her is a visual representation of mathematics and is guided by logic in thinking. Arbitrariness has no underlying conceptual logic. In my understanding of arbitrariness, it is like copying. For her, architects must create new dynamics of architecture rather than simply copying someone’s idea. In my opinion, Zaha Hadid is truly thinks uniquely as I see it in her designs.

In her other manifesto called “The Eighty-nine Degrees”, she discussed the accomplishment of technology in the 20th century. She said that “revision of inventiveness” is needed; it’s like one must think about new ideas in the new context of the new century. She also said that “our task is not to resurrect them but to develop them further”. I believe that it’s true because architecture never died and the ideas of architects in design never vanished. In this new century, architectural designs should be advanced because today, technology has no more limits. She wants architecture to develop further not only aesthetically and in designs but also programmatically. She believed that this is only the beginning of architecture.

I got a lot of knowledge from them. The one that truly hit me was how they wanted architecture to evolve; I saw their desires in expanding architecture together with technology. Despite the desire of modernizing everything, they still manage to give considerations to what the past has given them. In all their manifestos, I saw that all of them pay tribute to their pasts even if they didn’t tell it.


THEDES2 - Iconic, Techno and Contextual.

In class, we were asked to determine the design styles of the groups of photos that were shown to us. We were shown three groups of pictures in our class: iconic, technological and contextual. I did a research on some of the edifices that were shown to us so I could know more about them. I want to familiarize myself with more structures in the field of architecture.

The first group of photos belongs to the iconic group. Iconic in a sense that it was monumental, it’s well-known and it sticks to the minds of the people. Some photos that were shown were the Shanghai Tower, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, PETRONAS Twin Tower in Malaysia, Bird’s Nest or Beijing Olympic Stadium in China and more. As we all know, everything that was mentioned are famous. Even the lay people know about this.


Shanghai Tower is designed by Gensler, an architectural firm. This tower is the 4th  tallest towers in the world and it’s the tallest in China. It was built to complete the trio tall towers in PuDong China. It looks like a remote control or a soda bottle opener. The open space on top was intentionally opened for less air resistance. 


Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue opera house in Sydney, Australia. It is supposed to look like the segments of an orange that has been carefully sliced open. It is one of the most iconic buildings ever created in the 20th century.


The Burj Al Arab is design by an architect name Tom Wright. He wanted to create his building synonymous to Dubai like the Eiffel Tower known in Paris and the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The Burj Al Arab or the Tower of Arabs is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. It stands on an artificial island few meters away from the beach beside it called Jumeirah beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. It looks like a sail ship, and it fits it because it’s along a shore.


Beijing Olympic Stadium or also known as the Bird’s Nest in China was supposed to be traditionally designed. A group of architects talked about it and they ended up in a nest scheme because China wanted something new for their country. For me, it’s looks kind of literal but not kichi. On the other hand, the  Beijing National Aquatics Centre also known as the National Aquatics Centre is an aquatic centre that was built beside the Beijing Olympic Stadium. It was created by the PTW Architects, and architectural from in Australia. It is also known as the Water Cube because of its shape. It’s like a 3 dimensional rectangle that has bubbles as its exterior design.


The structure that struck me the most was the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Yes, it is very famous in all parts of the world. When it was first shown to us, I thought our professor was kidding. I just found out that it was really part of architecture. In the first place, it doesn’t have any function at all, it’s as if it was built for displaying purposes. For me it  is the most iconic of all the photos that were shown, because when I was young, I already know about it. That’s how famous it is. 


Technological architecture is a design that uses high-tech modernism by use of materials. For me it shows honesty in terms of the materials that were used; it uses glass and shows the skeleton of its structure. It creates a pleasing effect inside and out, people would go in to feel what’s inside.


The last category is contextual. For one structure to be contextual, it has to have a connection to the other structures around it. It has to blend with the environment, and does not want to interfere the other structures around it.


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